The Beloved Community Initiative is a partnership between Virginia Tech and Virginia Union University to explore and advance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s conception of the Beloved Community in the 21st Century.

The challenges confronting our communities and nation today are daunting. They include religious, racial, and ethnic divisions that have resulted in violence and displacement of populations, economic despair accompanied by crumbling infrastructure, hunger, unequal access to healthcare and education, and more. Now, more than ever,  there is a critical need for morally courageous public and civil society leaders informed by history, research, and evidence, who are dedicated to inclusion, collaboration, and thoughtful engagement.

Dr. Virgil Wood, Church Leader, Educator, and Civil Rights Activist

In 2017, and with Dr. Virgil Wood at the helm, Virginia Tech and Virginia Union University partnered to create a space for intellectual and practical engagement and experimentation to identify the ideas, steps, and practices that together could foster a more beloved American community.